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Area: Bapuji Nagar
Year of Completion: 2024

Ankura Hospital - for Women & Children

Shuvam Construction Proudly Presents Bhubaneswar’s Shining Beacon of Women & Children’s Care

Shuvam Construction is exhilarated to bring Ankura Hospital, a transformative 120-bed facility in Bhubaneswar. This state-of-the-art hospital illuminates the city’s healthcare landscape, becoming its first dedicated women and children’s healthcare center.

A Commitment to Exceptional Care

Ankura Hospital prioritizes individualized attention, advanced medical technology, and a team of experienced professionals. This one-stop center caters to the diverse healthcare needs of women and children throughout their lives.

A Haven of Specialized Services

Green OT: Equipped for advanced surgical procedures with the delicate touch required.

Level 3 NICU: Provides a life-saving environment for critical care of newborns.

Level 3 PICU: Offers specialized treatment for critically ill children, a beacon of hope in the most trying times

Designed for Comfort and Healing

Ankura Hospital goes beyond medical expertise. The environment itself is designed to promote well-being:

  • Eco-friendly spaces and spacious rooms create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • The NICU fosters gentle care for newborns.
  • A playful pediatric zone provides a comforting space for young patients.

Shuvam Construction: Building a Legacy of Care

Ankura Hospital isn’t another medical facility; it’s a revolution. It shatters the silence of a city yearning for specialized care, a clarion call answered with the finest technology and the gentlest touch. Within its walls, a symphony of expertise plays out – a chorus of seasoned professionals harmonizing with cutting-edge equipment to create a masterpiece of care.

This isn’t a project; it’s a legacy. Shuvam Construction isn’t building structures; they’re building futures. Ankura Hospital isn’t just bricks and beams; it’s the foundation for a healthier Bhubaneswar, a city where every mother and child can write their own epic tale of well-being. Here, generations will find solace, healing, and a community dedicated to their well-being. Ankura Hospital – a testament to Shuvam’s vision, a promise whispered in the wind, a legacy etched in the very heart of Bhubaneswar.

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