Frequently Asked Questions

A survey by Knight Frank India in 2023 revealed that property prices in tier II cities are significantly lower compared to metros. The report states, "Tier II cities offer a more affordable entry point for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation." [Source: Knight Frank India, "India Property Monitor - January-March 2023"(]
Deciding between developers and realtors depends on your priorities. Developers offer new properties and potentially lower prices, while realtors provide wider options and negotiation expertise. Property investment can be risky due to uninformed or fraudulent agencies. These agents lure buyers with low costs and personalized service, but ultimately mislead them. To mitigate this risk, consider experienced developers with a strong track record (25+ years). They offer several advantages: a wider network for property options, established market credibility reducing fraud risk, real-time information for clear communication, and (in India) RERA registration for added protection. Choosing a reputable developer can transform your property buying experience into a secure and positive one
  • What is the current market reputation and experience of the property developer?
  • Is RERA registration required for this property, and if so, is it registered? (For new properties in India only).
  • Has the project received all necessary approvals from relevant authorities?
  • Is this a ready-to-move-in property, or is it still under construction?
  • Are there any legal disputes or encumbrances associated with the land on which the project is built?
One covered Parking is included with the unit price for one apartment.
When purchasing a house in India, it is advisable seeking a professional legal conducting thorough property due diligence, verifying ownership and title deeds before signing a sale agreement, obtaining required clearances and permissions.
All major banks in India such as State Bank of India, HDFC, ICICI, Canara, Axis, etc. have tie-ups with our projects to ensure a smooth loan facilitation.
Initially during booking, we provide 7 (seven) days from the application form filled for booking. You may opt to postpone/cancel at this time with full refund for this provision of booking. However, cancellation once booking is confirmed will require interest to be paid for the period of overall booking.
  • When searching for a home, it’s important to get a sense of the market by looking at recently sold homes, comparable homes on the market and available for viewing, and comparables taken off the market because they didn’t sell.
  • You should also try to determine whether you are in a buyer’s or seller’s market and if the neighborhood is appreciating or depreciating in desirability.
  • Be sure to pay attention to your real estate agent’s advice on price.
  • Be prepared to negotiate rather than just accepting the seller’s asking price.
One week after filing application for booking.